Business Intelligence.

Our system provides the opportunity to analyze user behaviours and informations obtained from useful raw data, that can be a basis need for business decision-makers. Basically the system provides a solution to learn the typical user habits, merge online and offline data (analytics), supports the direct sales and manages the marketing activities and loyalty programs (marketing) and also gives a helping hand in staff management (operations).



Learn the statistics about your customers and the people passing-by in front of your shop, see how much time they spend and how often they are entering your business venue. Monitor and improve your customers shopping experience.



Create an impressive user experience for your customers. Personalised real-time messaging directly to your customers mobile phones. Easily segment your ads and coupons to customer location, day range or even to shopping habits.



Reduce your operating costs by optimizing your staffing and colleagues. Follow your employees and monitor the effectiveness of their movements and working habits. Send them direct requests to their devices without disrupting your customers.



With the help of the Appear system you can make business decisions that will open up a whole new revenue stream in the life of your business and as well you will increase customer loyalty and you will get an extremly high shopping experience.


Gain business information

With Appear Analytics allows you to get a live picture about the behaviour of your visitors, where they came, how they approached and how to get give them a good offer to convert them to shoppers.


Engage with your visitors easily with Apper InDoor Marketing. You can send automated and personalized marketing messaged based on users profiles from the cloud based online dashboard to people around your shop.



Our service is based on current industry standards, so we are open to cooperate with other technology based partners.

Development and implementation of a common solutions - given the modular structure of our system Appear Indoor is suitable for working together with other solutions easily. Whether it is a statistics, CRM, POS or operations management system, it is possible to provide a common solution. Join our growing partnerbase and together we can offer a more complex high quality service to customers.

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Our company is looking for cooperation with manufacturers and service providers of wifi wireless network devices.

We have developed our system with the guidance and the involvement of the largest network equipment manufacturing companies. If you already built your WIFI network, there is a chance that we can install our system remotely to your venue. Also we would like to open up new cooperations with hardware manufacturers.

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Our company enters into strategic partnerships with channel sales partners, network integrators.

We are looking for partners who would like to widen their portfolio and looking for new sales opportunities. As part of our support we provide sales training, mobile applications, demo device opportunities for our partners. Fill out the contact form, and we are pleased to present you the opportunities for cooperation.

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Who we working with

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Creative Team

Tamas Falus

Client Service Director

Since the beginning of the 2000s Tamás has worked as a project manager and web development manager in various several projects. Four years ago he specialised in developing and implementing networking infrastructures and AUTO-ID solutions and founded Omnicode Hungary Ltd. He has certifications from Cisco, Motorola and Zebra, these trainings are serving as the basis of the current project. He gained competences in the field of wireless networks including location based services. In the recent year he has worked together in project with the follow In recent years, including the following partners conducted successful cooperation: Sony, Canon Hungary, FOTEX group Etarget Ltd., Magna Group, Continental - Conti-Tech Industrie Elektrik

Robert Gulyas

Head of Engineering

He has started his programming career in his own venture 15 years ago and ever since he is specialised in web- and mobile based technologies. He has earned an economic degree at GATE. He has worked for more than six years at the biggest hungarian owned digital agency as the director of the developer team. He has participated and led almost of the developments at the agency. For more than five years he is leading the digital presence of FORD in cooperation with a digital agency. Lately he is head of development at APPEAR.

Biggest partners: Coca-Cola, Spar, Auchan, Nestlé, Kraft, Invitel, T-Com, Vodafone.

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Contact us for a meeting or for a conference-call. let us show you the Appear InDoor solution, that you use as a tailor-made solution for your business.